竹中あこ/Aco Takenaka

A singer on the earth.

loves to sing about, and for the nature

on this planet.

Nature ,which we can see, touch and feel.

Nature,which we used to know.

​Nature inside of us...

When we balance the inner true nature,

we can see and touch them again

in our outer environment.

love to sing for it happens ♡

www.acotakenaka.com is not my site anymore.
              that site is no relation to me.
​                the adress was stolen.

Born in Tokyo, Japan. Grew up under the strong influence of Mt. Fuji and Kumano mountains where my ancestors came from.There Pacific ocean is  also alive , from where another  ancestors came as Okinawa,Ainu, 

Learned first voice training with my dog whose DNA was connected to English setter and wolves.

Moves to New York, U.S. and learned many kinds of languages, voice training &harmonics, such as Brazilian, African, Native American, Indian,Gospel, and so on. 

After 7 years, came back to Asia ,and traveled 

to collect disappearing  songs, around Asia, including Thailand , myanmar,Tibet, Bali,and Japan.

Recorded first CD"Moon Chant" in 2008.

After big tsunami, recorded 2nd Cd"Dear My Land"in 2012.

​Released these albums through Domo Records of Kitaro-san, in 2013. ​Frequent played artist in Pandora Radio U.S, and received nods in multiple categories for the 57th Grammy Awards First Round Ballot Voting.

​Joined "Spacious" in 2015 as a voice artist.

​Currently, working on my own/

 write lyrics for the artists, and animation films,

open workshops to revive our inner songs, 

have seasonal concerts, and so on.

​This spring, finally finished 

recording new albums, and getting ready the new tour♡

​                                                         FaceBook Page; Aco Takenaka