New Album is coming 

​         on June 4th.

So happy to join the creative team for Opening Theme song for  NHK "Inai Inai Ba!".

Impressional sounds and films for 0~2 year's old.

​Very Special national program. Please check!

            ETele (NHK Educational)

                         Mon~Fri 8;25am~8;40am(15min)


Thank you for coming to our winter concert!

It was special time and space , we could create together.

so many memorial moment , right?

​look forward to doing this soon again!


A  nice song is coming soon!

Written especially for

a frog in Shi-Myo-in, Kyoto.


​Aco wrote the lyrics for OP song of JOJO's Bizarre adventure 5   "Fighting Gold"(english version only.  ).  

​Excited !to join such a world wide popular project!

 A Concert in Fukuoka

​Thank you for coming to out first concert in Fukuoka.

​It was so sweet of you all to have us there!

Hope to enjoy this again.

Live concert in Tokyo

It was so special to do co-live show with Lea chan.

and place was so special as well. in Kunitachi, Tokyo.

Thank you for giving us this memorial opportunity to meet you all there.

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