is the old name of the color in ancient Japan.

it is the moving color between green and blue. When you look down the big pot under the trees. the wanter reflects blue of sky and greens of trees. this song to share the sense of tasting the  world in ancient Japan.

Moon Chant


a song for the moon. before the voice finds the words, just put the heart to the voice to devote for her.She always watch us. she always send the lights , as reflection of true ourselves...  


Where the water 's born (Spacious)


enjoy the end of summer, with this beautiful track by "Spacious". My vice is water spirit, as well as prayers for the pure  water on this planet.

​will be available through iTunes soon!


is the Woodland Cemetery, in Stockholm Sweden.  it shows us the beautiful way to say goodbye and feel connected with people who passed away .

"Spacious" plays, sharing the feeling of together-ness with everything around us,  as music.

​I joined this piece as the voice of spirit in the forest.